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5 Reasons to Go on a Wine Tour Now

Spending time with friends and loved ones is high on the list of things that make us happy. Our tours offer that magical mix of experiencing something fun together, while having plenty of time to catch up.

Year after year, Charlottesville wineries produce outstanding wines that win prizes in competitions all over the country. A tour allows you to find your favorite wine, one you might enjoy for years to come.

The Charlottesville wineries make a big deal of serving visitors well. Think top notch tasting rooms and knowledgeable wine servers.

It is hard to find a winery without a great view or a nice rural setting around here. No matter what time of year, the scenery is gorgeous.

It’s more fun tasting while not having to worry about driving. Just sit back and let our tour guide take you and your party comfortable from winery to winery. Enjoy!

Tour Charlottesville's Best Wineries

Trump has placed this prestigious winery back on the map. The only venue that has a sparkling white wine in the tasting room. Earned an impressive 9.2 rating.

New kid on the block, but already on top of many wine lovers’ list. Received a 8.9 rating from Wish Wish wine tour customers.

Charlottesville’s most visited. Check out the Sunday polo games if you can. Rating of 8.6.

Beautiful views and great facilities in- and outdoors make this a hard to beat vineyard. Rating of 8.4.

The best tasting room around. Pristine setting. Rated 7.9 by Wish Wish wine tour customers.

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