5 Reasons to Go on a Charlottesville Wine Tour Now

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Charlottesville wine tour

1 Spending time with friends = happiness

Spending time with good friends is high on the list of things that make us happy. Charlottesville wine tours offer that magical mix of experiencing something fun together, while having plenty of time to catch up.

2 Great Charlottesville wines for you to taste

Charlottesville wines are well regarded. Year after year, Charlottesville wineries produce outstanding wines that win prizes in competitions all over the country. A tour allows you to find your favorite wine, one you might enjoy for years to come.

3 Beautiful tasting rooms

The Charlottesville wineries sell most of their bottles locally. No wonder the wineries make a big deal of serving visitors well. Think top notch tasting rooms and knowledgeable wine servers. What is more fun than hearing from the winemakers themselves about what makes their wines unique? Good wine comes with a good story, right?

4 Picturesque settings and views

It is hard to find a winery without a great view or a nice rural setting around here. No matter what time of year, the scenery is gorgeous. The Charlottesville countryside has many surprises, and the wineries help you capture them.

5 Affordable wine tours

It’s no fun tasting wine while having to worry about driving. Charlottesville has many taxi and limousine services that drive you in comfort from one winery to another. Before booking, make sure you understand how the operator works. Is pricing per group or person? How many hours are included and when does the clock start and stop? What is the charge for overtime? If you plan on doing a tour on a Saturday, make sure to plan ahead, as they typically fill up fast.

Wish Wish teamed up with local transportation services to provide the most affordable wine tours around. Check our Charlottesville wine tours here. Looking for a map of all Charlottesville wineries, breweries and cideries? Click here.

What are your favorite wineries to visit? Leave a reply below. Cheers!

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