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February 18th Starts @ 7pm
St. Patrick’s Day Beer Pairing Dinner
March 17th Starts @ 7pm
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Hunger Games Theme Trivia

March 17th Starts @7pm

Whoa Nelly Release Party
March 18th Starts @ 7pm

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An amped up stout that is all about more malt, more hops, and more flavor! This beer is velvety smooth and well rounded, with an abundance of chocolate, roast coffee, and malt flavors that are backed up by a balanced hop finish.
A new batch of this limited beer is in the works! Stay tuned for more info! Cheers! 
Get some Howling Pumpkin while it lasts!

Meet Chef Chris Jack
Here’s his perspective on food, life, beer, and work. 
My background is in plumbing. I started plumbing on the weekends, and during the summertime, in between sports and school. My uncle owned his own plumbing business, so it was basically a guaranteed job. I liked the work; it was hands-on and allowed some creativity. I moved to Richmond and continued plumbing for quite some time. Richmond is where I met my wife, who is from Staunton. After the struggles and hard times of 2008, we decided to move to Staunton in the spring of 2009, where I had a hard time finding plumbing work. Then, I had my first experience with capers in a dish at a local restaurant in Staunton, and it was monumental. I told my wife that this was the place where I was going to work. I applied. Denied. So, I took a job at a local bakery as their cake decorator. It was fun, and even though I was self-taught, I was really good at it. I watched cooking shows and tried to cook elaborate meals at home. I cooked crazy dishes and passed them out to the neighbors. I still kept applying to that local restaurant, and I finally got in after a year of trying.
Fast forward a few years and a few restaurants… I’ve had several interviews with the Food Network channel, asking if I’d be interested in auditioning for one of their competitive shows. I have yet to do so, but I’m happy that they’ve reached out to me several times.
My vision for the cuisine at Wild Wolf Brewing Company is to pair the food to the beer. We are primarily a brewery – that is the reason why we all are here. I want the dishes to reflect the flavors of the beer that Danny Wolf has created. I believe that our food needs to change seasonally; it has to be consistent with what nature is providing at the time. My food is only as good as the ingredients around me, and I am fortunate to be in a place that provides some of the best. Working with local farmers and vendors is rewarding in every way- it supports the local economy, increases sustainability, and the ingredients are always fresh and delicious! Twin Springs and Whisper Hill always provide top-notch produce. Autumn Olive raises some of the best pork available in this state. The beef from Rose Isle is always nicely marbled, partially due to the fact that our spent grain feeds the cattle.
I want to invoke your childhood memories when you dine with us: I want you to remember your grandmother’s Sunday cooking and the gathered family. I am a southern guy, and I feel that southern soul food brings back so many memories. Food is about so much more than just fueling the body.
I try to create dishes based on what people actually want when they dine out – comfort food, and food that you won’t cook for yourself at home. Sometimes all you want is a burger and fries- it’s comforting, so I want to make the best burger and fries that you’ve had in a long time. For Specials, I’m going to put things together that you definitely won’t make at home. I’ll kick in unexpected flavors and combinations; dishes that surprise, delight, and leave a lasting impression. I enjoy using cuts of meat that most people are afraid of these days, like beef heart. I’ll do a take on a Rueben using the heart instead of corned beef. I’ll also do heart pastrami for our charcuterie program. Pickled beef tongue?  Yup, and it’s delicious.
People in this industry typically begin as dishwashers. It’s a tough, thankless position that is crucial to any restaurant’s efficiency. Now that I am Executive Chef, I don’t want to lose the dishwasher’s humility which tends to evaporate at a certain height on the company ladder. I don’t want to forget, ever, the necessary hard work and positive attitude that got me here. So, as a constant reminder, I got “POTS” and “PANS” tattooed on my knuckles. Plus, it’s fun to smash my hands together and shout, “Dishes are done!”


St. Patrick’s Day Happenings!
Thursday, March 17th
We’ll be having a four course St. Patrick’s Day beer pairing dinner. Stay tuned for details!
Also, same day, at the bar, it’ll be Hunger Games THEMED Trivia.
Friday, March 18th
    Join us for our Whoa Nelly launch party!
More info coming soon!


Coming Very Soon on Tap!
Two Paws
Belgian Brown Ale
Two Paws | 4.7% ABV |20 IBU
This beautiful Belgian Brown Ale was created from the second runnings of our Wild Wolf Four Paws. We added a blend of additional malts to layer the flavors and fermented it with Belgian yeast. As is typical of most Belgian yeasts, this lends a slightly more pronounced spice to the finished beer. This beer will have minimal hop notes and the malts will dominate both aroma and flavor, with spice notes also apparent. 

Kick it Hunny 22 oz. $2.50
Howling Pumpkin Growler fills $7
Howling Pumpkin 6 packs $5.00
Howling Pumpkin 22 oz. $2.50
Wee Heavy 6 packs $5.00 
Strawberry Shwartzcake 22oz. $2.50

Dry Stout 6 packs $6.50
Stop by the Gift Shop, visit the bar, or ask your server to or take some beer home today!



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