Springtime at Wild Wolf Brewing Co.

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BAND LINEUP 4/8-4/10
Monday- Ribs Night
1/2 Rack of Ribs and Fries $17
Tuesday- $3 Pints 
5-9pm in the Bar Only (Pints less than 7%ABV)
Wednesday- Steal the Pint Night
Purchase a Pint and “STEAL” the Glass
Thursday- Taco Thursday
Pork or Fish Tacos $12 5pm-close
Live Trivia

Bring in your Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Google Review and Receive $10 of your meal


Springtime is a busy season here at Wild Wolf Brewing Company! It’s time to put the restful winter season behind us, and our most important outdoor project is readying our hopyard for the growing season. Generally, our hops don’t start to send up shoots until around April 1st, but they were early this year.
We have 400 hills of Cascade hops growing in the same space that we keep our resident chickens and ducks. The fowl keep the pests down, and add their own fertilizer to the plants- a system that works so well that our hopyard is entirely chemical-free!
If you’re growing hops with the intent to harvest, you’ll want to cut or burn off the first shoots of the season, but if your hops are just decorative, this step is optional. The second growth comes up a little slower, but with thicker, stronger stems, and will generally produce more cones than plants that have not been cut back. We also take the time to till the soil around each hill to encourage downward root growth. A plant with a shallow, sprawling root system is in for trouble if drought or severe weather arrives.
Next is the involved (and occasionally frustrating) task of creating the string “trellis” that the hops will climb as they grow. A healthy hop plant can reach 20 feet in height! Horizontal wires must be attached between the tops of tall poles, and then we add a vertical string from the wires for each of the 400 hills.

Our hopyard is located at the front of our property, so stop to see the hops, the chickens, and the ducks all summer, and stay tuned for info about the August hop harvest party!


Our Biergarten is dog-friendly for friendly dogs!

Wild Wolf Brewing Company, 2461 Rockfish Valley Hwy, Nellysford, VA 22958


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